A worldwide leader

  Founded in 1886, 塔克特 is a worldwide leader in the flooring 工业界。 The company provides integrated flooring and sports surface solutions to architects, facility professionals, contractors, distributors, installers and end 用户。

  塔克特 works with many of the world’s leading architects and building professionals to provide a genuine 办事。 As a result, 塔克特’s integrated flooring and sports surfaces solutions are part of numerous prestigious architectural 参考文献。

  Integrated flooring solutions to create the ultimate flooring experience

  塔克特 provides integrated flooring solutions that cater to specific customer 必要。 Each flooring solution is unique and contributes to improving the quality of life for those who live, work or enjoy leisure activities on 他们。

  While they offer better performance and lifetime returns for building professionals they provide comfort, well-being, security, confidence and inspiration to end 用户。

  A broad product portfolio including vinyl, linoleum, laminate, wood, sports surfaces and accessories enable 塔克特 everywhere in the world to create distinctive flooring experiences.

  塔克特 flooring solutions all offer tangible functional, senatorial and ecological benefits for every project whether public, commercial, residential, a sports facility, a new construction or a 开创。


  • around 8 600 employees
  • 28 production sites
  • 50 Sales and marketing companies
  • Sales in over 100 countries
  • Over 1 million m2 of flooring sold everyday

  得嘉(塔克特) 大军是人家负有开创性的全程的实质性。朕有28个专业小题大做厂子在10年。,涂盖层举世。



  朕的目的是提高对人世级的投资额,使朕的生利和办事涂盖层电动车辆的每人家使具有斜面,预期清偿过的每人家可能性的客户盘问。朕毫不犹豫地外国的投资额。。近亲,朕公司合了人世榜样的公司,手势上等细麻布先锋Fieldturf 美国约翰逊公司。这些合将深一层的提高得嘉大军在同源发生透心台面厚木板、使安全防滑台面厚木板、天然手势上等细麻布、橡胶台面厚木板及其副原料是LEA。。

  朕有医疗保健。、培养、已特殊关怀目的需求,拿 … 来说。朕曾经在全欧洲需求中占指挥位置并将持续投资额于北美洲、俄中两国开展间隔宏大。



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